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Established in 2008, Dhillon International Limited ("DINTL") is the leading consumer goods design, development and sourcing company for major retailers and brands around the world.

We provide sophisticated one-stop-shop solutions committed to achieving the highest standards when meeting the needs of our customers through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery. By leveraging our global network, market knowledge, and advanced technology, we have the capacity and flexibility to rapidly respond to evolving trends in consumer and production markets.

Our mission is to provide innovative supply chain and manufacturing solutions that meet the needs of our customers and add long-term value to their businesses. Our global network, our financial strength, and our leadership in change are the platform for our continued success and future growth.

We aim to develop and maintain long­-term relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency and business integrity. Let us use our rich experience with solid networks, resources and knowledge so you can focus on running your business and remain competitive in today’s challenging marketplace.

DINTL is a trusted business partner dedicated to your success.

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Save 30% - 70% by importing direct from the factory

DINTL is the expert in every process when you are sourcing in China.

Use DINTL to manage your sourcing project, to save time, money and headaches when importing from China.

Quality and professional inquiry to supplier
NO MISS of a good supplier , DINTL can help you select and lock on the prope suppliers with our rich experience in this area for years.

Professional manufacturer for your products
Strict manufacturer verification to their professionalism for your products, as well as estimated prices under your target and the assurance of delivery time you required.

Shipment Guarantee for goods from many suppliers
It is to be noticed that only a small random numbers of suppliers in China registered for export license, so this will be a problem when they are combined in a container for export, even with a custom agent cannot have this problem handled, but with us, you will not have any problem for any kind of suppliers or any kind of products.

Payment security to supplier - Acting as the functional department like account department, reducing the work of transferring money to many suppliers Instead of this, we will hold the capital to control suppliers, then to follow up the order all for your payment security.

Quality guarantee of the products as what you ordered - With our familiarity of supplier’s habit, our strict order following program and contract terms to suppliers will ensure that there is no game playing on you such as deducting product cost using poor materials

Independent warehousing and logistics
Free your worry about purchasing will for buying different volume of goods from different suppliers with our own warehouse Avoid transshipment to greatly protect your goods with our own logistic to pick up goods from suppliers

We want to make sourcing in China easier for you! Without the ability to speak Chinese, you are limited to the minority of factories which have English speaking staff. If you need to buy products from multiple companies in China someone has to organize the transport in China and from China to your company. Read below how you will benefit from choosing DINTL as your sourcing company.
  • One stop
  • We handle your orders and select the fitting factories for your requirements. If you order different goods,we will place the orders to different factories if necessary. It is still simple for you, due to you only have to keep in contact with us.

  • Local production
  • Our presence in China gives us the opportunity to supervise the entire production process for you. The quality of your order will be ensured and potential problems can be resolved at an early stage. We make sure everything will be satisfying..

  • Better price
  • We know local prices, negotiate with multiple factories and select a factory, which offers the required quality for a competitive price. Choose DINTL as your garment manufacturer to get more bang for your buck!

  • No language
  • Because of the low spread of English, doing fashion business in China can be challenging if you don’t speak Chinese. Our team of Chinese and European staff speaks English fluently, so that there will be no language barriers for you.

Your One Stop Solution To All Your Trading And Sourcing Needs
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